Every kitchen needs a good knife

by - December 02, 2011

I have inherited many quirky qualities from Mum Pham. One of my favourite is her fondness of knives. My collection grew over five years down south – every year I’d come back for a visit and take another knife or two with me. It got to a point where I could spend an hour on the weekend sharpening and fondling them. Not creepy at all.

I’ve given away all the knives I had in Melbourne to my more kitchenable friends. Mum Pham would kill me if I gave her good knives to inept cooks but she can rest in peace knowing that my dear friends are all living in danger of accidentally hacking their fingers off with her blades.

Only half joking. Unless they're half a buffoon, they're much more likely to hurt themselves with a blunt blade than with a good blade that cuts true. I often crap on about it to no one who will listen that a blunt knife is not worth cooking with just as a kitchen with less than three peelers is not worth cooking in (the peelers is a blog post for another day).

Mum Pham favoured German brands because all her best blades, to this day, were the ones she brought over from Germany before importing/exporting was all the rage. We once bought Mum Pham a 20cm Wusthof Cook's Knife and she almost stabbed us it was so pricey but she settled for smacking us with the flat of the blade because she secretly loved it and wouldn't want to blunt the edges on our stubborn bones.

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