Upgrade U: Uniqlo jeggings

by - December 30, 2011

I have a fashion faux pas to own up to and Tigger Pham is not impressed. I wear jeggings – great jeggings, mind you, but still jeggings. I have not actually worn a pair of jeans since my 2009 trip to Japan where my friend put me onto Uniqlo’s amazing jeggings. They look and fit like real jeans until you do a cartwheel and people see you have an elasticised waistband.

If wearing pants was so great Superman, Batman and all the X-men wouldn’t be wearing tights. Hollywood tried to toughen up these characters by changing their tights to tough rubber and leather suits but everyone knows a real superhero wears spandex. That’s because jeggings hadn’t been invented at the time the superheroes were. Otherwise, I’m sure superheroes would prefer to fly and fight in jeggings. Jeggings look tougher, are more comfortable and breathable too – tri-winning!

So remember, folk, superheroes and pop stars say 'No' to pants and so should you! Anyone traveling to Japan or Europe, feel free to get me a couple more pairs. I’m a size M. Thanks.

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