25 things (2011)

by - December 21, 2011

1. I've always had trouble getting to sleep.

2. I played piano really well once upon a time. It ended when my parents sold our piano to move interstate and I swore never to play again because as a teenage brat I didn’t understand about budgets and expenses. I’ve grown up a bit (just a bit) and plan to get a piano and finish my exams. I hesitate to make the purchase because I’ve had a lot of dumb expensive ideas before.

3. I have a 14-year-old cat named Tigger. I left her in the care of Little Sissy Pham while I was in Melbourne and Little Sissy Pham managed to make her clinically obese. Poor Tigger Pham.

4. When I was born I yawned. Then I proceeded to drink twice as much formula as any other baby. Some things never change.

5. I was the fattest, ugliest and smartest girl in my year at high school – perfect bully material except I was so strange they didn’t know where to begin so they never did.

6. My sister is my best friend and my favourite person in the whole entire universe.

7. I wear contact lenses.

8. I have three tattoos that represent who I am/who I will be, what I aim to achievein everything I do, and what I believe in.

9. I baked a cake for the first time ever last week.

10. I have a phobia of people dressed up in giant animal suits with their faces covered because part of me fears that it could really be a giant demon-animal and not a person in a suit. I don’t stand too close to the stage at a FlamingLips concert.

11. No matter how important a conversation or how hard I try to concentrate my mind always dips away for about 3-4 seconds every few minutes or so to swim in thoughts and ideas before it comes back to reality. I'm intuitive enough to guess what I've missed hearing though so no one's ever seemed to notice.

12. My Mongolian Blue Spot never faded - it's about the size of a 20c piece and looks like a triangular bruise near my tailbone.

13. I'm fascinated by family genetics. I like that I am a clone of Mum Pham down to the wonky nails on the middle finger of our right hands but if I pull my socks off I can see Dad Pham’s stumpy little toes.

14. Drinking cups of tea always soothes me. Except now I’ve moved to Brisbane where it’s stinking hot I get a little distressed and sweaty… it will take me a while to adapt to the weather. But I’m not giving up my cups of tea.

15. I am addicted to reading shop catalogues and will resort to stealing them from other houses if my street misses out.

16. The council flats where I grew up didn’t have a great reputation but the pools of blood that looked like the result of regular stabbings were really from my regularly bleeding 8-11 year-old nose.

17. I own a lot of grey lead pencils and when I'm stressed I sharpen all the blunt ones to help calm me down. Now I have the cutest pig sharpener it makes it all the merrier. 

18. The Phamlings were born in Germany and the milk formulas made us all way bigger than our teeny tiny parents and miniscule realtives.

19. 19 is my favourite number.

20. I can say ‘rail’ and I can say ‘way’ and I can slowly say ‘rail-way’ but when I’m speaking normally I can’t help saying ‘railray’.

21. Ice cream, chocolate and cake preferably all combined is my favourite treat.

22. My top lip is fatter than my bottom lip. Big Brother Pham had a good laugh at it one day when we were playing computer games together. Yes, once upon three Pham kids fit at the one PC keyboard. Before the German milk formulas kicked in and we got freakishly big.

23. I have never had a boyfriend.

24. I learned to draw as a kid by watching and drawing scenes from The Little Mermaid every day. The VHS tape was dead after all that rewinding and pausing.

25. It only occurred to me about five years ago (around the time my niece was born) that if I have children they will look Asian.

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  1. Define what you mean by 1. ? Are you saying that it takes you a little while to get to sleep, or do you wake up regularly? I hate my sleep because if I stay up really late, or have been thinking a lot during the day, I find it really difficult to go to sleep, but this is when I need really good sleep! I'm so backwards some times...

    Also, I <3 the list :-)

  2. It takes me a while to fall asleep and then I wake up regularly during the night. It doesn't help when there's a wild cat on heat screeching outside our house at night.

    Glad you heart the list!