Upgrade U: Jade Pham, girl in tights

by - December 27, 2011

For a while there I only ever wore (dresses with) tights and every time someone commented on them I would puff my chest out and put my hands on my hips like Robin Hood in Men In Tights. Note: you can only do it so many times before people stop thinking you’re funny and start to fret about how they will broach the topic of booking you in for a psych assessment.

I often wander through The Sock Shop, Myer, David Jones and boutique fashion stores to see what colour tights they have on offer but I haven’t bought colourful tights in a retail outlet for a year now. They’re great if you want blacks, navies and natural colours. Last I checked my fave Columbine hot pink and red tights were still stocked in Myer, though the yellows and blues are gone. For these and many more colour options I go to eBay stores like Show Your Legs.

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