Keep it in the Phamly - one year anniversary

by - May 20, 2012

I can't believe it's been one whole year since I started blogging. My 88 posts have received 20,424 page views, which is about 20,400 more than I had hoped for. 

I'd just like to thank my readers for supporting my limited talents, giving me a false sense of worth and encouraging me to continue to make the Internet a crapper place for everyone.

I wanted to post a photo of me being happy about my blog's 1st birthday, but I went and got myself a virus this weekend so happy isn't in my face's scope right now. I also didn't shower today and have serious, greasy bed hair so instead I found some photos from the last time I was sick.
Photo 1 (top): That was me realising I had photobooth on my work computer because it was my personal computer that I'd brought to work. - Hey, I was sick and my brain was even slower than usual.

Photo 2: I'm pouting because, in my feverish haze, I had put on mismatched earrings before work... the next day I wore only one sock and didn't notice until I got home and took off my hi-top sneakers. I called in sick the third day.

Happy one year anniversary! Thanks for reading.


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