Preparing for Diablo III

by - May 06, 2012

Okay. So there's one non-puzzle game (i.e. Tetris, Scrabble, sudoku) in the entire existence of nerdery that I play and that is Diablo - the series. Diablo I, Diablo II and next month the long awaited Diablo III. It's been promised for a long time but always the release date was extended so I never got my hopes up until it was officially official and for real with a release date and everything this year!

To prepare I made Big Brother Pham give me one of his two spare computer screens (underneath his builder's body is an IT brain that makes his own light-up, fancy, hyper-powered desktop PCs) and bought a mini-DVI to DVI adaptor to connect to my MacBook so I'd have this kick-ass screen. I already had the Apple magic mouse, keyboard with numeric pad and Griffin elevator desk stand for laptops from my indie fashion PR days.

I think my sudden need for a massive screen came from inheriting a double-screen at work (thanks for having a baby and going maternity leave, random lady I never met) to do editing work. Coming home to my 13" Macbook wasn't quite the same after I got the space station of a work desk.
I want Diablo III to be in my face and scare me so much I pee myself a little every gaming session. To add to the scare appeal, I also got a nice gold-tipped audio chord to run from my laptop to my radical new Sharp mini-hifi stereo system. Bring on the adult diapers!!! (P.S. My desktop images at work and home are from Seth Casteel's 'Underwater Dog' photography series.)

Sadly, I discovered upon closer inspection of the system requirements that my old faithful MacBook that's survived being trampled several times does not have enough video card power to run Diablo III. While Little Sissy Pham's MacBook could manage it, I don't think she'd appreciate me borrowing her laptop for 2 x 16 hour sessions on the weekends and 5 x 3 hour sessions weeknights (who am I kidding, those weeknight sessions will be 6 hours and I will go to work looking and feeling like a demon-slaying zombie).

I am now going to wait for the next gen of MacBook Pros. Rumour has it a slimmer more powerful range will be out early in the third quarter of this year, which means I'll miss the Diablo III May 15 launch date but I waited this long, I wait a little while longer.

I did consider buying a PC just for the game for all of five minutes because desktops are way better equipped for a game as intense as Diablo but... that is a bit extreme, even for me. A new MacBook Pro would let me game AND manage my photo work better, Little Sissy Pham won't have to kiss her MacBook goodbye for several months and my niece Little LL will inherit my trusty Miffy-taped MacBook. As she said upon hearing this, "Everybody wins!" except my bank account but Diablo III is worth it!

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