Because hair cares

by - May 10, 2012

I went to a hairdresser for the first time in 2.5 years last week. And got into so much trouble with my new guy. He had to cut away all the damage I did so now I'm going to live with a tiny ponytail on top of my fat head while I wait for my hair to grow out.

Why so long between snips? Well, my hair broke off about 2.5 years ago (not the hairdresser's fault, I went a bit nuts dying my own hair different colours every two months). Unfortunately, I waited one year too long because by the time I found a Brisbane hairdresser to try, I'd already hacked into my own locks a few times to trim, thin and tame it.

Boy, was Tony at Hair Corner (Shop 18, Elizabeth Arcade, 99 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane CBD - (07) 3211 1030) so very unimpressed with my work. I've never seen some one sigh, shake their head and purse their lips so much while cutting hair. I'm not so sure about this work-in-progress haircut but he assures me chopping it off was the best way to grow it out.
I am under strict orders to grow it without DIY hacking for 3-6 months. Then I have to come back so Tony can fix the layers and styling. Part of me wants thin out my fringe a little more but another part of me was impressed by how unimpressed he was with me and thinks I should probably listen to his instructions. I mean, he repeated them five times during the hour-long session so maybe he wants me to listen. He also could tell which hand and what type of scissors I had used to cut my own hair. The man knows his craft - who am I to defy him?

It's always a bit nerve-wracking to try a new hairdresser. Especially since I have to go to Asian hairdressers because they understand Asian hair but not always English. I've learned to bring pictures along to new hairdressers just in case. I had such a good, creative hair relationship with my retired Melbourne hairdresser, Kathy. Now I don't trust anyone else to experiment with my head. I guess it's a good thing I need to grow out my hair; it will give me time to get to know Hair Corner before I decide whether or not I trust them to shave a part of my head when my hair is long again (assuming future workplace/s don't have anti-head tattoo policies).

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