My 2012 Eurovision song contest highlights

by - May 28, 2012

Eurovision can be a bit much if you don't looooveee it the way I do. Three hours of pop melodrama, traditional folk music, rock anthems, power ballads and feel good multi-culturalism with highly entertaining European English accents. Nine hours if you count the semi-finals and the pre-semis shows on SBS. 

I've narrowed it down to my seven favourite songs. Well, two favourites, three to give you an idea of what Eurovision can bring to millions of viewers and then the stranger ones you just have to see to believe.

Sweden's Loreen "Europhia" - Kate Bush-esque performer, though she sings in an octave that's closer to planet Earth, who won by a landslide for good reason. This win concerns me - if Eurovision songs start being tasteful, where will I get my cheesy pop fix?

Russia - Only at Eurovision can six Russian Betty Whites make you laugh and love the way these babushkas can.

Italy - I actually seriously, really, for reals, genuinely like this song! I have it on my ipod and it's had a few spins already. Have a listen.

Turkey - This guy's indie/alternative in his country and Eurovision trends toward P-O-P so he stood out for me. Then there's his fantastical use of 'props' which Eurovision is usually renowned for, though there wasn't enough reveals this year. He did this very well!

Romania - This song just made me happy. It's a classily done, singing dancing female pop song. Cyprus did quite well too. For the classless pop tart, look up Greece 2012 Eurovision final for some crotch action.

Albania - ...just watch it. You'll be impressed. Or scared. Or both.

Ukraine - Next year's Mardis Gras anthem if there's any justice. This song makes me so happy! Love it. If the programmers had been clever enough to end the song contest on this number it would have been such a high instead of the weirdo circus butcherman and his trumpet song that left me feeling confused.

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