Upgrade U: Max Factor mini nail polish

by - May 31, 2012

Little Sissy Pham and I probably spend too much time together. Since living with her again, I've discovered that a) I sulk and b) when I sulk I sound like Eric Cartman from South Park - you know, "Respect mah authoritah!" Or in my case, I'm more likely to say, "I don't wannu! Nooo-hoo-hooo. You can't make me!"

I guess I haven't sulked for the last five years because nobody I knew in Melbourne would listen. All I can say to Little Sissy Pham is, suckerrrrrrr! You should never have listened to what I have to say. Now I spurt all kinds of crap. Mostly movie or TV quotes like, "You are a ri-tard." (The Hang Over) or "Wheezing the juice!" (Encino Man) and more recently thanks to the Descendants, which is a really heart-felt story that made Little Sissy Pham and I miss Mum Pham a lot. Though, its lasting effect on us has been that we yell, "You motherless whore!" or say, "I'm going to hit you." when we're annoyed with each other.

Annoyance can't be helped when you spend so much time together. We commute to and from work together, have lunch dates together, go shopping on weekends together, watch movies together, eat lots of food together…

The only upside I can see is, when one of us has to stay back at work, the other has some time to kill by window or actual shopping - the dangers of working in a CBD. One day, I bought a bunch of crap that I can't recall at this second but the highlight of my finds was Max Factor's max effect mini nail polish range.

It looks like Max Factor have followed the Maybelline mini-colourama route and released a range of tiny nail varnish bottles. I've been looking for a nice voilet for a long time because as much as I love pink nails, every now and then, I'm not in the mood for prissy colours and I tell myself violet is the tough girl's not-pink.

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