Funny keyword searches that led to my blog #2

by - January 14, 2013

1. chubby Asian lady - That's a bit harsh, search engines. I'm size 10/12 (M), 166cm and in the ideal BMI weight range.
2. Jade Pham GM Girls - This is how I learned there's a porn version of me in the States!
3. Captain Catman - I checked with his mum, she didn't google her own cat so who did?
4. brain typo - yup that's me in two words
5. birthmark on my bum - you'd be concerned if you knew how many people actually google this term
6. how to fix polyurethane clothing - I'm not the only one with this problem?
7. haystack hair - my hairdresser fixed that
8. nazi tugh tattoo - not sure if they meant a tuman tugh (a pole adorned with yak or horse tails) but either way, this nazi wouldn't have enjoyed landing on a k(g)ooky blog
9. chubby in shiny leggings - gee, I thought my legs looked pretty good in that shiny leggings photo. Thanks for proving me wrong search engines
10. how to make wardrobe from crate - this one isn't funny but I included it because i can't believe my blog may have actually helped real people somewhere!
11. Looking at my sexy feet - i don't know how my pigeon toed, stumpy feet got picked up by search engines for this. I guess Google has a sense of humour
12. Well dressed women - Baha, google really is funny

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