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by - January 07, 2013

The Phamly are all huge fans of Luke Nguyen. We have TV nights in to watch his traveling cooking show on SBS every Thursday at 8pm. Mum Pham wrote her name on all his DVDs and tucked them away so her friends wouldn't ask to borrow them when they visited. We all love the man! Vietnam represent!
SO when I learned he was opening a restaurant at 12.12pm on the 12.12.12 in Brisbane, I had Little Sissy Pham queuing up with me for some good, old food worship. Fat Noodle is inside Treasury Casino - you can enter through the door on the left of the stairs at the main entrance, or if you’re inside the casino heading outwards, look right and follow the white dragon along the ceiling.
The thought and detail that's gone into the decor of this restaurant is amazing. Every inch of the space is optimised - open plan kitchen, communal tables, private tables, outdoor settings, a bar for those waiting for a table and an L-shaped front desk. The interior design is beautiful - everywhere you look there's a touch of different Asian cultures that reflect what's on the diverse menu.
On my first visit, we tried the chicken salad entrée (refreshing! highly recommend), caramelised pork (the egg was deeeelicious! though I'm used to the sauce being a lot saltier) and Luke Nguyen’s famous pho. It’s a very hearty pho soup – not a flavour I’m used to. So while I think Dad Pham’s pho rules the universe, I still recommend everyone try Luke Nguyen’s at some point because Dad Pham won’t cook for you unless you’re one of his kids.
Little Sissy Pham came back the following week to try more dishes but I failed to get photos because my stomach trumps my brain when it comes to eating and I finished most of the food before I remembered I should have paused to take a photo. This is why I will never be a food blogger.
This time we had the grilled pork neck skewers which are impossibly juicy and delicious (highly recommend this!), then the prawn and pork rice paper rolls that I nearly refused to get because I can easily make them at home BUT the sauce mix is gorgeous! My sauce doesn’t taste like that! Nobody’s sauce tastes like that. How does he do it? Then we shared a main of grilled pork cutlets with broken rice, a fried egg and Vietnamese pickled carrots and daikon. It was the best pork cutlet I’ve had - I’ve had that dish in a lot of Vietnamese restaurants and at home and the cutlets have been yummy but dry and chewy. This cutlet was moist and so flavoursome.

I took a couple of friends again on my last day of work and they loved their Hainan chicken and angus beef with rice vermicelli. I had the chicken pad thai, which is very tasty. Can't wait to go again and try his delicious looking curry laksa and wonton noodles too! I am obsessed.
Opening Hours
7 days a week
Sunday - Thursday 10:00am to midnight
Friday & Saturday 10:00am to 3:00am

Treasury Casino
Top of the Queen Street Mall

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