Upgrade U: Foam hair curlers

by - January 10, 2013

Do you know that Grill’d burger joints have Rekorderlig cider slushies? I discovered these delicious drinks the same night I discovered foam hair curlers. These discoveries aren't mutually exclusive - they are linked by the phenomenon of drunk shopping.

On a girls’ night out, the crew stopped by Mecca Cosmetics after dinner in Winter Gardens Brisbane on our way to a jazz bar then rock gig. In my fuzzy haze I thought sober me would think this purchase a dumb idea. I did feel stupid the next morning but I gave the curlers a go and, lo and behold, I love these heart-shaped foam curlers so much I’m blogging about them!
The package says to put the curlers in while your hair is wet or damp before bed then take them out the next morning, but I found it works best when my hair is almost completely dried (using my new Remington Studio Styler) then while it’s still malleable I put the curlers in. My girlfriend, who also bought the foam curlers, put them in while her hair was damp and woke up with still damp hair.
The end result is soft, wavy hair. Mum Pham would be proud – she loved hair volume. The bigger the better! Now that I’m swimming again I can’t sport a perm because my hair dries then breaks, and I’m not into heated curlers because they also dry and break hair. Foam curlers get my two thumbs up! They’re soft and cushie so it’s like sleeping on an extra pillow and you feel magically prettier the next morning when you wake up with princess waves in your hair.

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