Upgrade U: Wahl groomsman pro

by - January 24, 2013

It's been a while since a shop assistant has belly-laughed in my face. I take it as a sign that I'm finally doing something right.

Mr. Shaver Shop man in Brisbane's Myer Centre assumed I was Christmas shopping for my boyfriend or husband like the lady before and after me. I told him that no, unfortunately I am shopping for the patch of hair that I'm about to ask my hairdresser to shave off which will more likely scare away potential boyfriends and husbands than attract them. He had a fun time laughing and giggling at me (in a friendly way, I should add) while he showed me about 10 different beard trimmers they had on display.

The Phillips handle felt too big in my tiny woman hands while the VS Sassoon handles either felt awkward or the blades a bit too wide for trimming around my ear. The material for both brands didn't feel anywhere near as luxurious as the two Wahl models I ended up choosing between.
Mr. Shaver Shop told me the main difference between the Wahl Lithium Ion Trimmer and the Wahl GroomsMan Pro kit for about half the price is how often the battery would need to be recharged and also the life of the battery. For hairy dudes, I'd recommend spending that little extra for the Wahl Lithium Ion Trimmer if you need to shave on the regular. I only shave a tiny bit of my head once a week so I went with the cheaper GroomsMan with the not-as-great battery. Though it's still good. I charged it to the max once when I got it early December and it's still going strong.

The jolly old Mr. Shaver Shop told me to take my Wahl GroomsMan Pro out of the packaging as soon as I left the store so no one would see that I'm using a man's beard trimmer on my head. I didn't. In fact, I kept the packaging so I could blog about it. Yeah, I know - I shave my girly head with a manly beard trimmer. Like, whoa. Look at me breaking social boundaries!

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