Upgrade U: About Time Whey Protein Isolate

by - October 08, 2014

For nearly a decade I’ve been avoiding the gym the way my cat avoids visitors - with a stealthy yet panicked trot in the opposite direction. But faced with the option to become a complete slob or start working out, I chose to join a gym.

To my surprise, I’m really enjoying it! I’ve been going for about 5 months now and I can feel the difference it makes. I’m stronger, fitter and fatter. Yup, fatter. Little Sissy Pham and I have been going hard on cardio for when the zombie apocalypse happens and we need to be able to run away from impending doom. Cardio makes us hungry and we’ve been indulging. Until now.

I’ve started drinking About Time Whey Protein Isolate post-workout to help with the desire to eat everything in the fridge, pantry and on the kitchen bench. ...I won't lie, I've eyeballed crumbs in packets of junk food in the bin. Drinking a shake works! Not only have I stopped pigging out, I’ve seen more muscle definition since I’ve started using protein shakes. I’ve tried banana flavour and vanilla by About Time. Vanilla so far is my favourite but I suspect once I try chocolate it will be my new favourite. There’s a bazillion whey protein options out there but this one is meant to be one of the ‘cleanest’ ones.

A friendly pro bodybuilder who worked out at the same gym hadn’t heard of the brand when I spoke to him about supplements, but after he looked into it he gave About Time two thumbs up. Well done, me. The brand also has a pre-workout that I’m trying at the moment. Gym life is expensive but worth it!

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