Single ladies Valentine's Day (My 30th Birthday)

by - October 07, 2014

Even though I was on a dating spree and had a Valentine this year, I ditched my beau for a single ladies date night because it’s my birthday and I can do what I want to. Which turned out to be being good boyfriend to my girlfriends.

As a Valentine Baby and single for all of them to date, I know how the commercialised day of romance can make you feel even singler. So for my 30th birthday I decided to do something special for my fabulous single ladies in Brisbane.

I took them out for a romantic dinner where I surprised them all with roses and cards filled with my love in words. We shared delicious foods at Bamboo Basket in Southbank while we caught up on the latest goss and had a laugh at all the awkward new couples or first-dates everywhere around us.

We treated ourselves to dessert before I showed them the best make-out spot in Southbank. Sorry guys, I didn’t show them how to make out and - ew, one of my dates was Little Sissy Pham. Then we strolled back to indulge in second dessert. Bad idea. One of my dates got the runs and spent half an hour in the bathroom, while the rest of us just felt sick in our stomachs and had regrets.

My birthday highlights were seeing all their faces light up when I surprised them with flowers and a card, the gentleman who tried to buy their roses off them because he’d forgotten one for his girlfriend and the looks of outrage and defensive stands my dates took over their roses and, of course, spending quality time with some ones I love because that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.

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