Noosa Holiday - Best Food

by - October 15, 2014

Since I was turning the big 3-0 this year, I decided to give myself a whole month to celebrate. I went on a single ladies date on the actual day. Then once my eyeballs recovered from laser surgery, I went for a 5-day beach holiday with my childhood bestie and Little Sissy Pham to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It was divine.

The skies and seas are bluer on the Sunshine Coast. It's a fact. The beaches are beautiful, the people laidback, the activities fun and the food – by Golly, the food is delicious! My boyfriend thinks I love food more than him, but it’s not true…all of the time. Uber thank you to TAZ4000 for hooking me up with his recommendations for the best local eateries.

We stayed in Noosa Heads on Gympie Terrace by the river where Thomas On The Corner was my favourite dining experience of the entire trip. We took our sweet time trying lots of things on the menu while looking out at the river. Amo Gelato next door was delicious.

Along Hastings Street we loved Locale, the modern Italian restaurant was a highlight, Bistro C was delicious and right on the beach, Massimo’s gelato is all types of yum! We also visited Quamby Place a couple of times – I highly recommend Ricky’s dessert platter. I salivate just thinking about it now.

End of the trip we made it down to Sunshine Beach though there were massive rips so we didn’t get in the water yet I still managed to lose my Baby-G in the sad. Moment of sad face, and…. Bounce back! We lunched at Mooshka, a rad, chilled out local hangout with delicious café food, which made up for the disappeared watch.

So much yum. Eat all the things if you ever get to Noosa.

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