Phone case before the phone

by - June 07, 2011

image: my future iPhone 4 case from Casewear

I'm normally a horse before cart kind of person, but as my current mobile contract nears its end and my internal debate about leaving Android for iPhone gets more and more heated (the Apple in me insulted the Android in me the other day - how rude!), I've decided to solve the problem the only way I know how, by shopping! Having trawled eBay for iPhone 4 cases all weekend, I have finally found a 'very me' case.
Now, to get the iPhone 4 that goes in it.

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  1. Nooooo! Don't leave Android for iPhone! I agree that you can customise your case much more in iPhone land, but you can customise your mobile OS much more in Android land, and that is much more important! :-)

  2. I do miss the freedom of an Android OS but it's the hardware I lost faith in. My phone lagged so much and my friend's brand new Samsung Galaxy S was lagging a week after she got it. The iPhone is unbelievably fast in comparison.