Compression socks for pregnancy cankles (Funky Socks Co)

by - January 15, 2024

There are so many wonderful things about pregnancy. I wish I had experienced some of them. Unfortunately, I don't carry pregnancy well. In addition to sciatica and gestational diabetes, I started getting cankles at the end of Trimester 1 when a lot of women only start to experience it towards the end of their pregnancy.

I have lived in compression socks for nearly half a year. Doesn't sound so bad until you realise I'm in sunny and humid Brisbane and am having a summer baby and 2023 decided to end the year with a heatwave followed by wild summer storms and 90-something percent humidity day and night. The end of my pregnancy has been a form of heat torture due to the raging hormones and excess blood in my system.

On the upside, I got some really good quality compression socks from a local company on the Gold Coast called Funky Sock Co. I got a 3-pack of funky designs for fun, and then a 3-pack of neutrals (black, white, nude) for work.

I got a cheap pack of socks before finding Funky Sock Co, and they were OK but weren't as firm as I needed. You get what you pay for. Funky Sock Co has an excellent compression progression from the top to the bottom of the sock. On my bloatier days, I need Boyfriend Pham to help remove my Funky Socks at the end of the day and miraculously, my ankles have not become cankles.

I highly recommend Funky Sock Co to any mummas-to-be.

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