Upgrade U: Zara leopard print skirt

by - June 14, 2011

image: Snapped at Carbon Festival 2011. pic by thslfe.com

eBay is a dangerous playing field. There's the bidding, there's the tension, then if you win there's a brief adrenaline rush but then the wait for delivery brings thoughts like, 'Will it fit? Will it match the description/photo? Will the fabric be nice?' race through your head. If the answer's 'no' to any of these questions the feeling is a total bummer. If the answer's yes, yes, yes! then you're hooked and go back for more.

image: Zara Leopard Print Skirt on model

I, Jade Pham, am an eBay addict. I spend hours and hours trawling through searches for spunky items I never seem to find in stores. I thought I'd save you the hours and direct link to this Zara Leopard Print skirt I found at Mary Jane Closet. The skirt was so badass when it arrived I went back to Mary Jane and bought the dress as well.

image: Zara Leopard Print Skirt on model

It makes me a little sad that Zara will now be mainstream in Australia because it will inevitably become generic and boring on the masses. Still, I'm going to have a look when it opens in Melbourne to see if I can find statement pieces or nice basics that I can mix and match and mash-up!

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