Upgrade U: my future Karen Walker sunglasses

by - June 26, 2011

image: Karen Walker Number One in Crazy Tortoise

Karen Walker apparel is a little too prissy, sweet, elegant and clean-cut for some one as classless as me. Karen Walker Eyewear, on the other hand, is a whole different story. They got sass, they got spunk, they got that little hint of crazy that I love.

The moment I met her SS11 Number One in black and crystal fluro yellow online I was smitten. Though, I didn't dare add them to the cart. Style rule #1: Know yourself. Myself has an unsubtle head - it's big, round, square and in your face so sharp angles in eyewear can clash terribly. Couple that with a low sitting, nose bridge (Pham genetics) and I'd be a real dumbass if I didn't try before I buy.

image: Karen Walker Eyewear Number One in Black and Crystal Fluro Yellow

While up in Sydney for the New Balance NB574.com launch in May, I went to Incu in Sydney for "retail research" purposes. Yup, very important work business...Ahem. They didn't stock the black and yellow Karen Walkers I wanted but I tried on the shape in crazy tortoise and they sit perfectly somewhere between retro and futuristic.

I will get you one day soon Karen Walker SS11 Number Ones, I will.

image: Karen Walker Eyewear Number One on model

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  1. Aw, I found a great website yesterday from NZ that has some amazing brands - KW sunnies included. Here tis: http://shop.goodasgold.co.nz/

    These are the ones that will complete my life: http://shop.karenwalker.com/products/bunny-orange

  2. Oh, btw, I've found your sunnies for about half price here: http://www.cloakanddaggernyc.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3_14&products_id=217&zenid=pj1qco8jabqmm12seedb5a9om7

  3. Ooo i loves your future Karen Walkers - they're so you!

    Are you aware it's your fault i have this new expensive addiction. The KW sunnies you gave me rule! And still rule but I must have more!

  4. So glad you are enjoying em Jade!