Upgrade U: Star Project Australia glasses

by - June 23, 2011

The great thing about acne medication that dries out your skin, your scalp, your lips and your eyeballs is...there's no great thing about it. However, it does make you ditch the contact lenses and invest in a decent pair of glasses. Good bye grade 10 wire frame IT nerd glasses. Hellooooo thick-framed Star Project glasses.

I took off the glasses as soon as I finished my course of meds in January. Then one early 6am wake up call recently, my eyes honestly squealed at the thought of wearing contact lenses so I found my old Star Projects and fell back in love with its sleek black frame and dark brown wooden temples. Perfect timing now the sun in Melbourne has stopped playing peek-a-boo and moved onto hide-and-go-seek.
image: Occhio's Star Project Australia #4401 in black/dark brown

Thick black frames aren't for every face or stylin' but there's a fat range of designs by Star Project (the in-house brand by Occhio spectacular spectacle retailers) as well as other brands if you head into their stores or shop online.

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  1. I totally had a bought of gummy eyes, contacts too hard, earlier this year. Glasses are so refreshing! Have I told you about clearlycontacts.com.au? They do free glasses (with lenses!) giveaways about once a month!! You should totally check it out.

  2. Ooh, no, I'll have to check out the clearly contacts sight!