Upgrade U: get (Joy) Rich quick

by - June 05, 2011

image: rockin' my new Joy Rich Jungle Cat 3/4 Jogger
The universe has a round-a-bout way of working. The owner of the awesomest Aussie-based Dirty Rich online fashion store forwarded an email about a new position at Diamond Dozen to a lovely lady at Taboo who then forwarded the email to another delight at Spook Magazine who then forwarded the email to me when I was looking for work.
image: Dirty Rich Online Store
Dirty Rich unwittingly helped me land the dream job that also enables me the funds and the excuse ("I work in fashion") to purchase this badass Joyrich Jungle Cat 3/4 Jogger from their store. Seriously, check the site out; Dirty Rich brings some uber hot underground and boutique American street brands to Australia, for which, my deeply suppressed tracky-dack craving is grateful. The comfort of tracksuit pants but oh so fab looking.
image: Joy Rich Jungle Cat 3/4 Jogger on model

Disclaimer: Jade Pham wears 3/4 Joggers for fashion purposes. Jade Pham does not jog. She is a slob posing as a fit jogger.

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