Upgrade U: Corter leather bracelet

by - June 06, 2011

For some reason, even though I chomp down burgers and steaks and chicken breasts and wings like there's no tomorrow, I don't wear leather. Perhaps it's not flammable enough for my highly synthetic tastes. I do own one leather item though, and I justify it because it was for a good cause.
Corter Leather is a one-man operation run by Eric Heins in his tiny bedroom studio in Boston, Massachusetts. When the terrible Earthquakes hit Japan, Heins released a custom bracelet with a hand-painted red button symbolising the sun in the Japanese flag, and donated all proceeds to Japan. Talk about a labour of love.

The Japan bracelets are no longer on sale (man's gotta pay rent, you know) but Heins takes custom orders so if you prefer a red button send him a request! Seeing as how he runs everything himself, give him a few days to reply to emails. Gotta respect a man who's good with his hands.

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  1. Ironic how he cares about the people in Japan but not the animals that were killed to make the leather in the bracelets......hmmm

  2. how the hell is that ironic? you think the lives of japanese people are equivalent with those of cows?