A love affair with phones

by - June 12, 2011

image: Vodafone HTC Magic (left), Telstra White iPhone (right)

Being with Vodafone was like dating a sweet fool. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't get anything right. Dating some one just because you feel sorry for them isn't a stable building block for a good relationship so it had to end.

Being with Android was like being with a brilliant rebel. A cute, fun and free spirit. Anything I wanted I could have. Anything I thought of, he'd already thought of and did better than I imagined. Oh, Android, how we had some amazing times. But Android shared his love around with so many other handsets (Samsungs, Sonys, LGs...) that he wasn't always aware of my needs. His lag in response made me feel unloved.

So I strayed. I needed some one who would love my handset and only my handset so that everything he designed on his operating system would be complemented by my hardware. That's when I finally gave Apple's iPhone the time of day. He'd been pursuing me for years but I always thought he was arrogant (Mr. I Am Your Future) and way too pretty for my tastes.

We've been seeing each other for about a week now. I find his affection a little restrictive - I can't have the notification tones I want without going behind his back and I don't want to be a cheater (hack into the phone's backend), I can't be as close friends with my bestie Google Apps as I once was (beloved Gmail functions in particular) and he doesn't care to let me know when friends have left a message (no LED indicator) so I have to poke him every now and then and ask politely. But so far he's proven loyal and makes me feel safe.

Also, his good friend Telstra has been a dream to get to know. He's always there when I call or text or email. Very attentive and reliable. I do miss the free spirit of Android so maybe one day, when I'm bored of Apple, we can have another fling.
image: Vodafone HTC Magic (left), Telstra White iPhone (right) 

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