Read: Acclaim magazine issue 24 - fantasy

by - July 31, 2011

I don't have time to sit down and pretend like I know how to read these days. Good thing Acclaim Magazine is choc-full of pretty pictures to look at. I managed to get my mits on the new issue before it hits news agencies this week (file that under perks of the day job) and I've been "reading" all weekend.

Issue 24 has a fantasy theme. Fantasy is one of my favourite things of all time. My fantasy is a very nerdy variety, the kind you get beat up for in high school: Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time epic fantasy book series, David EddingsBelgariad books  and Game of Thrones TV show.

Acclaim's fantasy is much cooler and futuristic, except for the Dagorhir live action role-playing feature. I'm a nerd and even I would feel the urge to beat these guys up if I came across 'em in costume wielding cushioned swords with my mad fantasy kung fu skillz. Not all the Issue 24 stories make me think violent thoughts, they also feature:
  • Artist Kilian Eng who designed the gorgeous limited edition cover pictured above. There's an even more limited run of this cover that glows in the dark and will drop in Mag Nation next week! How awesome is glow in the dark stuff?!
  • Rapper Lil B who I'm not familiar with but any hetro American rapper who calls his album I'm Gay (I'm Happy) to help make the G-word less taboo in the US is worthy of the alternative Acclaim Magazine cover
  • Nagi Noda who directed one of my favourite music video clips of all time for Japanese pop singer Yuki's Sentimental Journey. She's up there with Gondry in my books.
  • And many many more features including a dream interpretation piece with a boy I used to date, albeit briefly - see my Why I'm Always Single Lady weblog.
Acclaim is available from Mag Nation (they'll have the special glow in the dark covers), decent news agencies and boutiques with good taste. It's also available on Zinio which is a fancy digital magazine platform that you can read on the computer or on your boss' new iPad.

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