Watch it! Les Twins

by - March 04, 2013

I'm told I dance with rhythm and attitude but anyone who's seen me attempt choreography knows I take to it like a baby to its first lemon - with confusion and involuntary muscle spasms. That's why I prefer to watch and admire rather than participate in dance.

My favourite dancers in the world are Les Twins, who are (if you haven't guessed) identical twin brothers from France. I first came across Laurent and Larry Bourgeoisa in Beyonce's killer Billboard 2011 performance and thought they were awesome but was too blinded by Queen B's light (which I just learned was pregnancy glow) to focus on them. But the twins popped up again in Beyonce's headline Glastonbury show later that year (she was pregnant?!?) and I fell madly in love. Here are some of Les Twins' Glastonbury highlights:

I went on an arduous search (I googled 'dancing twins' and they showed up in the top recommended youtube links) to find them. Since then, I've spent hours and hours and hours watching videos of these boys doing their thing - hip hop competitions, street battles, official brand videos, workshops, music clips. I thought I'd share their fun with you.

There's a cool (without trying) playfulness to their styles and personalities that shines through when they dance. I'm not normally into street-style hip-hop because I find it too aggressive or cocky or both, but Les Twins are unique, original and a joy to watch. Also, they keep it in the family, which y'all know I appreciate. Feast your eyes on Les Twins!

I seriously recommend you go on a YouTube binge watching Les Twins. They are amaZING!!

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