What's in a nickname?

by - March 06, 2013

My siblings called me BFCBC when we were little because they sucked at acronyms. They meant to call me BFCBFC for Big Fat Chubby Bum Face Cheeks because my face cheeks were so pudgy they looked like bum cheeks on my face.

I was Obnoxious Ngoc (mispronounced Knock) shortened to Nox during my obnoxious, angry teen years.

Then I changed my name to Jade and Mum called me Yay-da but that was more because we don't have a J in the Vietnamese alphabet and words don't end on hard 'd' sounds... so it wasn't really a nickname, just an accent. Until my Shiny boss learned about it and started calling me Yade.

Then last year in a team of writers, it was the non-wordy web tech who gave me the nickname JP, I assume because he didn't like typing out my name but then the whole team started calling me JP and I think it's my first sensible and proper nickname.

But my all time favourite title is Big Sissy because I am Little Sissy Pham's big sister and I always try to big sister Big Brother Pham too. I can't remember who started it but I probably called my baby sister a little sissy first and she called me a big sissy to retaliate. And now it's a thing.

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