Upgrade U: Lego art carousel

by - March 27, 2013

Forget YOLO. We should be YLAYLing. You live and you learn. I've learned a lot this year already. Too much to smush into this blog post so I'll tell you one thing.

On my birthday,  I learned that when I'm overexcited I start to talk in a low, breathy demonic voice. A bit like Christopher Nolan's batman if he were from the fiery pits of the deepest Hell. I can't remember exactly what I said when I opened my present but I do remember how I said it. The sounds my throat made scared the children and Little Sissy Pham had to reign me in before I gave them nightmares. Far right is me pissing myself after seeing Middling Niece's stunned face. YLAYL!

Hey, if you got this Lego Art Carousel for your birthday you'd be ecstatic too. It has four segments for textas, pencils, crayons and erasers. Or for me: Pens, pencils, mini-sharpies and lip balm/mints because I'm so grown up and my stationery is so mature.

The Lego head featured in the middle is actually a pencil sharpener (and OMG - you MUST know how much I LOVE sharpening pencils by now) with a happy face on one side and an angry face on the other side which perfectly expresses the only two emotions I feel in life. The carousel, in case you haven't guessed, spins like a carousel because it is a carousel. Everything about this Lego pen holder makes me happy. YLAYL!

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