Fundraiser pens

by - March 13, 2013

This will be a foreign concept to most bloggers but I still write using pen and paper - and cursive too. Yup, I'm old. But that means I have a reason to buy fundraiser pens from my favourite charities!

This post has taken me roughly three months to write because every time I sit down to finish it, I get distracted by my research and end up buying another pen because I am a total sucker.

My favourite charity pens are what I like to call "fancy pens." I will go the cheaper plastic ones if I don't have an option but my preference is the smooth, metal, inky pens that are twice as expensive. It's for charity after all. Legacy Australia ink pens are my favourite to write letters with (yes, I still write letters and cards, I'm really old) but they don't have an online shop, just good-looking men in uniforms selling them on the streets every now and then. But here are some of my favourite charities that sell their pens online - and yes, I did buy another fundraiser item just now but it was a gift for someone else and not a pen:

RSPCA - their Happy Tails Floating Pen is my favourite range ever, they drop a new design every now and then
Starlight - I recommend their 'metal pen' for the smoothest write, so good
Pink Ribbon Day (Cancer Council) - surprisingly subtle, not pink pen. Sensible office people can totally rock this at work

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