Upgrade U: Nasty Gal Space King tee

by - March 11, 2013

There's a certain number of items in my wardrobe that I think of as my food-baby clothes. They are worn to Phamly feasts and friends' BBQs and picnics where I plan to stuff my face stupid on good food and drink. If you haven't guessed, they are loose fitting clothes that won't reveal how greedy my gut has been.

This Nasty Gal Space King tee is unintentionally one of them. I ordered a large thinking it'd be a snug-large like the rest of my US-imports but turns out this tee is actually large. I could exchange it, I guess, but I only have one other food baby tee and it's too warm for most Brisbane days.. so meet my new food eating tee!

I actually ordered this galaxy tee before Mr. Gugu dropped into work. Seems like galaxy is the new leopard print for me. Though I'll always love big cats. Thank you in advance, Mr. Space King, for making me look pretty while hiding my bloated belly.

This was my first time ordering from nastygal.com and I'm definitely going back for more. Their stuff is high quality. Will blog about the jacket I bought from them soon.

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