Upgrade U: Love Dress in floral print

by - March 20, 2013

My name is Jade Pham and I am a shopaholic. To be fair, I was shopahol free for 2 of the 6 weeks I was unemployed at the start of this year. Didn't spend a dime over New Years and then I started to apply for jobs. I assumed I'd get one soonish because I've always been quick to find work when I want it. It's a boyfriend, acne remedy, the will to finish all 100 paragon levels in Diablo 3, fun-creative places to party in Brisbane, fun-creative people to party with in Brisbane and my stereo remote that I suck at finding.

After my first job application and interview I treated myself to a pair of Karen Walker Super Duper Critter Sunnies. To be fair, I did whip up a work folio to present at the interview and would have made a second presentation of ideas I had for the company / my future role but I had one day's notice and a Pham birthday (Phamly Phirst!) to organise. I reckon I deserved a treat.

Now I've been bleeding money ever since. The good part is I have a heap of things to blog about! The bad part is I bought this gorgeous Love Dress in floral print to wear to a wedding... AND I DON'T HAVE A WEDDING TO ATTEND. What is wrong with me? I mean, it's good to be prepared for life and stuff but none of my friends or relatives are even engaged. This romantic, drapey Love Dress is the first time I've realised that I am a shopaholic, I can't live without shopahol.

Here's hoping first-world consumer society lasts for as long as my lifetime so I'll never have to suffer the distress of withdrawal. I imagine it'd be worse than that time I quit food (meaning gluten, dairy, nuts, some fruit and veg, sugar, salt and red meat) to show support for Little Sissy Pham and her crackpot, hippy skin 'doctor's' attempts at curing her psoriasis. You know how much I love my food. So much so, Eldest Niece once said about heaps of leftovers, "If only Aunty Ngoc were here, none of this food would be wasted because she'd have eaten it all."

Which is why the ASOS.com model looks less bloated in these product pics:

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