Upgrade U: River Island edon lace-up flatforms

by - March 17, 2013

The best thing about having a terrible memory is finding Caramello Koalas in my room that I forgot to eat yesterday. The worst thing about my terrible memory is I decided to stop chopping out my face from blog photos because people aren't as repelled by my bobble head as I thought. Actually, they're my most popular posts. But because I forgot I'm now allowed to show my face in public, I left it at home again.

I hope people don't need to see my full body to help judge whether these shoes will work for them. I bought these River Island Edon Lace Up Flatform shoes from Asos.com for work and play because now I work somewhere that I can play with what I wear. They're oh so shiny and very comfortable to clomp around in. Flatforms have been making a resurgence for the past couple of years but I wasn't really sold until I saw this sleek shiny dream. They fit perfectly like a glove but for my feet so more like a sock. Mmm... comfort + height + girly punk. Love 'em.

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