My memory of Karl

by - July 28, 2011

This morning, I found out my oldest friend's father passed away. Karl lives in my memory as the really tall man (possibly because I was really short as a 6 year old) who took B and me for ice cream on the way home from school whenever I went over to play.

He'll also live on in my parents' memory because the one time they walked me to B's house for her birthday, I took them in the opposite direction towards the school then down to the ice cream shop before circling back to B's house 'cause Karl's route was the only one I remembered.

Thanks to Karl and his delicious ice cream treats, Mum and Dad Pham thought I was a dumbass for many years of my childhood.

Rest in peace.

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  1. I remember Karl taking us to The Spaghetti Tree, and I remember when he gave me Cracker Barrel cheese. That man was awesome with feeding us.

  2. Wish Blogspot would add a like function for comments because I like your comment! I remember The Spaghetti Tree! Food association - my favourite kind of memories.