Tattoo #3: : infinity times two

by - July 18, 2011

I used to find fat, bald security guards with tattoos on their head intimidating until I got my own head tattoo. Now I think they’re complete wimps because head tattoos don’t hurt! Okay, so it stings a little ‘cause there’s a lot more blood gushing out but as far as needle pain? None. Nada. Zip.
Grafton Primary EP cover design

Joshua Garden from Grafton Primary designed my head tattoo. It’s two infinities that touch to form two hearts. To me the symbol means ‘infinite love’ – yup, what a tough tatt to have on your head – but I hesitated because it looks similar to 88, which equals HH, which equals Hail Hitler. Then I realised no one would be dumb enough to mistake me for a neo-Nazi skinhead so I inked my infinite love. It didn’t bring me much love when I went home to Brisbane.
Pic by some random person at a warehouse party

Mum Pham slapped my face in a rage. Later on, when she could speak again she explained it was the shaved head she hated, not the tattoo. Dad Pham loved that I was expressing myself, though later on he told me ‘infinite love’ cannot exist because the only a vacuum of nothingness can be infinite as soon as you put a quantitative element like love to it, it is no longer infinite. I said the tattoo is forever. He said, you’ll die one day and the tattoo will rot and end with your body. Thanks Dad Pham.

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