Upgrade U: plastic fantastic star earrings

by - July 05, 2011

I probably shouldn’t be drawing attention to my ears considering the lengths Dad Pham went to to hide them. He used to tape them down to the sides of my infant head because they stuck so far out they made me look like a clown. He had hoped my ears would fix themselves with a little help from sticky tape. They didn’t.

image: Mookie Star Earrings

I had a hang up about my ears poking through my hair for the longest time as a kid and then puberty hit and I realised I had many worse features to occupy my self-consciousness. My ‘fools’ ears’ were forgotten until my housemate revealed he has no ear lobes. What a freak!
Say hello to my new star earrings from The Mookie Market as seen on my less freaky sticky-outie ears. These plastic fantastic stars come in five colours, of which I ordered three in lavender, pop blue and pop yellow. They arrived in a package labeled ‘Costume Earrings’ – I don’t know how I feel about this.

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  1. ARE YOU ME???

    I felt like I was reading my life story.... such trauma suffered at the hands of Asian Parents.

    Sarah W

  2. haha! Glad I'm not alone in my suffering!