Tattoo #2: the not so golden ratio

by - July 15, 2011

The story for this tattoo goes something like, I went out one day to buy bulk toilet paper for a warehouse party we were throwing that night and came home with a tattoo instead. Not my brightest idea to say the least because we were toilet paperless for a party with 300+ guests and also because in my spontaneousness I put the permanent tattoo in the wrong spot.

The tattoo is the lowercase Greek ‘phi’ letter, which in mathematics represents the Golden Ratio. To me the Golden Mean represents naturally occurring beauty in nature and architecture and human beings. A ratio that my tattoo won’t reflect for probably another 5-10 years while I wait for my skin to sag to the correct height. Oops much?
The white colour and no outline continues the natural beauty theme because it fades to an almost birthmark/scar tissue look. It also means when I’m extra saggy and the tattoo slips pass the correct ratio it will hopefully have mostly faded.

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  1. Do you have another picture of that tattoo?