Upgrade U: Keep shoes - the homer

by - July 03, 2011

When I used to carry a handbag people assumed I was limping because I had a heavy handbag. Now I’m using a backpack they don’t know why I’m wonky. The trouble is I’m pigeon-toed.

My left leg is longer than my right and points inwards. It means I walk funny and swim funny and dance funny and look funny and my shoes wear out unevenly but I don’t mind any of that. The only part that sucks is when I wear heels for too long it puts too much pressure on my left knee, which is why you’re more likely to see me kicking around in sneakers like my new Keep Shoes.

It’s a bit unfair that I get paid to talk about cute shoes day in and day out, and then I get a free pair for myself but, oh well, life’s tough like that. You just gotta suck it up and roll with the punches. The Homer was available at Hype DC online but looks like they've sold out 'cause I'm a slow-poke blogger so maybe try your luck away from the internet (shock horror!) and head in-store or check out what other Keep Shoes they have in stock.

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