Upgrade U: glitter sneakers

by - July 26, 2011

Apart from my tendency to fall on my face rather than land on my feet, I am very cat-like for a human being. I communicate with telepathy then don’t understand why idiots don’t do my bidding, I sometimes head-butt people as a sign of affection but the main cat trait I have is I’m easily distracted by - ‘Ooh! Something shiny!’

When my beloved sequin shoes from Japan finally carked it I just had to get a new shiny black pair or my life would be over. Converse had a sequin range that I’d been admiring for a several months but their shoes pinch my wide feet so it was eBay to the rescue!
I found the perfect glitter meets punk shoes at iAmTrend ebay store and the great part is I don't cut my dopey hands on the sharp sequins. The glitter feels sandpapery so I like to think of it as hand exfoliation every time I clumsily rub against it. I got a pair in black, which I call my Michael Jackson shoes ‘cause they glitter like his jacket in the famous live Billy Jean performance. And a silver pair, which I call my space boots because a Tibetan man once saw me in them and said, ‘You look like you are from space.’ And I said, ‘Huh?’ and he said, ‘Your clothes – beautiful.’ And I said, ‘Thanks!’

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