Upgrade U: Milk crate wardrobe

by - July 01, 2011

You’d think some one that’s totally into buyin’ and stylin’ would have a walk-in closet the size of a small apartment, but no, I wish! I cull my wardrobe every 3-6 months to make room for more crap because I’ve been living with 10 milk crates and a pole since my warehouse days. Thought I'd share it with the blog world because it's also a cost efficient wardrobe (free) for broke-ass students and other poor folk.

The milk crates are slightly pimped - it’s me after all. They’re yellow and orange milk crates with an open face for shelving that I spray-painted fire engine red. I went through a really red phase that year. The pole was donated by a friend who moved to Europe where they have poles aplenty so he didn't need to bring his own.

One day I’m going to grow up and get a real wardrobe but right now I’m resisting because sharehouse living and no savings in sight for my own place means I’ll be moving around for at least another half decade and milk crates are so easy to pick apart/assemble and double as moving boxes. To quote Charlie Sheen, “I’m bi-winning!”

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