Tattoo #1: the star of Jade Pham

by - July 13, 2011

I got my first tattoo on my birthday a few years ago with a friend there for moral support. He took a few photos and said, ‘Wow, that looks like it hurts.’ and 'Ooh, that's a lot of blood.' Yeah, he wasn't so great at the supportive friend thing so I'm glad the tattoo didn't actually hurt that much...apart from the far tip of the star that sits right on my hip bone and felt like Fox Body Art was carving into me with a blunt razor blade.
The six-pointed star isn’t The Star of David. It’s actually the star of Jade Pham. Our Phamly fortuneteller showed me how the six major stars in my birth chart formed a six-pointed star. It represents a lot of things – like my personality, life and entire fate but I’d like to share with you this one meaning: The upwards-facing triangle (man) and down-facing triangle (woman) combined makes me "the perfect balance of male and female. She won’t be prone to hysteria like women because she’s got enough masculinity in her to keep a cool head. She’s also got the will and ambition of men when it comes to career but she’ll be more successful because she’s flexible like a woman.” I’m sure many extreme feminists now find my first tattoo highly offensive.

The colour is derived from my Vietnamese name, which translates literally  to 'Precious Green Jade'. Grandpa named all three Pham siblings without ever meeting us in person so I've always wondered how he knew 'Jade' would suit me to a tee. Mum Pham's always saying how I have a "hard head like a stone," which in English means Mum thinks I'm stubborn as a mule and in my world means pain because she's usually rapping her knuckles on my head when she says it.

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