Pencil sharpener - is this animal cruelty?

by - July 22, 2011

One day this little piggy went to market for cheap gift wrapping and came home with a piggy shaped pencil sharpener instead. It wasn't until this little piggy used the pencil sharpener that she got a funny feeling inside and thought, 'Is this animal cruelty?'
Normally she gets a deeply satisfying feeling from sharpening her collection of 50+ grey lead pencils to the point where they can draw blood. Once an avid pencil sharpening fanatic, Jade now waits until her pencils are desperately blunt before a sharpening, and even then she tries to make it as quick and painless as possible. The rush job means splintered wood and not the neat poke-your-eye-out sharpness that used to draw blood when people unwittingly reached into her pen tin. Note to self: must write an ode to pen tin soon.
At least the pig shaped pencil sharpener looks cute smiling up from her desk.

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